by faster evaluation

Credit scoring based

TrustableBridge is made in Holland but we cover all European economic area

We go beyond the traditional banking credit score

Why Us?

Trustable Bridge is the

Businesses who need

Who is it for?

  • Real estate agencies
  • Landlords
  • Transportation company forwarders
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Telecommunication
  • Mobility services
  • For company create quick P&L report

What do we do

TrustableBridge Open Banking Analytics Solution

  • It is a simple

  • A list of contracts

  • A spending forecast

  • An overview is made

TrustableBridge, here to make your life easier

Easy to use

Tired of undergoing

Time saving & affordable

Unlike traditional methods

Bank-level security

we cannot move money

protecting consumer data is our primary concern

We are GDPR compliant

How it works?!

Easily register on our platform

Send a request for

Your client will provide his/her bank information to us

A financial report, excluding the transaction details, will be sent to you within seconds

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